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Moon Webs

We design and build affordable websites for businesses of all sizes.

A website will cost £129.99 as standard. You may choose from additional addons to enhance the functionality of your website.  As standard a monthly fee of £2.99 will keep everything online for the world to see. 

Why do I need a website?

A website is a digital leaflet that your customer can approach without feeling pressured into buying your product or service.

Experience has shown that customers are more likely to buy into your product or service on their own terms.

Not only will a website give you a nice footprint online it will provide a perfect place to present and show-off products.

Not everyone needs a website, but it helps.


FREE Built in Gallery/Portfolio

Show of your work and get more interest. All websites come with a built in gallery and portfolio for you to upload photos.

FREE Professional Mailboxes

Make your business look professional with a nice email address (

FREE .CO.UK Domain Name

Included a FREE 2 Year .CO.UK Domain Name. £12 every 2 years to renew after the free period has ended.

Our Clients

We are proud to show-off our portfolio of websites we have designed. Take a look below.

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Will my website be on Google?

Your website will be submitted to Google once it’s built. Then it’s outta our hands.

You won’t get ranked over-night. It can take upto 6 months just even appear on the search engine.

Google has an ‘Organic’ and ‘Paid’ option. Organic is free, Google will rank your website as it see’s fit.

The ‘Paid’ option will allow you to get ranked to the top with keywords of your choice. Yes it’s expensive.

Facebook advertising to groups, pages has been more effective to us than advertising with Google. 


Managing Your Website Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

The Content Management system we use is WordPress, It’s supported by billions of users around the world with a wide variety of support tutorials.

"Very customer friendly and amazing hosting all together!"

– Nick Askew

The Small Print…

We take pride in all the work we do and reserve the right to reject any project at anytime. Quality is more important than gaining a few extra customers quickly.

  • You must provide a logo. Free logos or poorly designed logos will be rejected.
  • If you choose to have a shopping cart, It is your responsibility to upload the products and prices.
  • Your website is subject to our Fair Use policy and although unlikely if your website becomes super popular we may need to discuss alternative Web Hosting options.
  • All websites are aimed to be completed within 30 days of initial payment. However high demand may mean we can take a little longer.
  • Web Hosting is required for your website and emails to work. It’s like renting a room for your website.
  • After website completion you can have a maximum of 5 tweaks done for you.
  • All payments are required upfront and in full. No work is started until.
  • All payments are handled via Credit/Debit card. Payments are taken automatically on the due date.

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